Thursday, July 22, 2010

Episode 1 - Just starting out.

Ok Ted, JayDub, Gordon and everyone else who encouraged me to start out, here I am.

I started a podcast today to chronicle my training for the Marine Corps Marathon on October 31st. I have a strong desire to give back in some small way to the running community that has done so much for me.

Essentially I am going to use this blog for show notes. Although, if I get into the mood, I am going to be using it as a really small soapbox from which to spew whatever happens to be on my mind. Relax, there typically isn't much going on up there so these will tend to be short lived.

A litte about me, I try to put God first, family second and then everything else. I am rabidly protective of my family and friends, eternally greatful for the gift of my wife and more proud of my kids than I can possibly express.

The audio is done for the podcast, I am working on getting it up to iTunes, I just listened to it and decided that I will not record in the car any more. The background noise is pretty bad; my apologies for that.

Episode 1

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  1. congrats on getting the podcast started Chuck! Don't sweat the car noise audio, we can still hear you. Looking forward to more!